An Unforgettable Evening: Kids’ Chance of Massachusetts Hosts Debut Gala

On the evening of Thursday, April 4, 2024, the Liberty Hotel in Boston radiated with the warmth of generosity and the spirit of hope as Kids’ Chance of Massachusetts proudly hosted its inaugural annual gala. This momentous occasion marked a significant milestone for the organization, reaffirming its steadfast commitment to providing educational scholarships to the children of Massachusetts workers who have been catastrophically or fatally injured in workplace accidents.

Just six months prior, the concept of the gala was merely a seed of an idea planted by Jim Ramsey, a dedicated Board Member and chair of the fundraising committee at Kids’ Chance of Massachusetts. Yet, through the unwavering dedication of board members, committee volunteers, and the invaluable support of sponsors and donors, the vision became a reality, culminating in a night of resounding success.

Amidst the splendor of the evening, 150 guests reveled in an atmosphere of glamour and camaraderie, engaging in lively casino games where their winnings were used to bid on generously donated prizes. The generosity displayed throughout the night was truly remarkable, with acts of kindness leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all in attendance.

A particularly poignant moment came when Antonella Sciortino, the recipient of the night’s 50/50 raffle, selflessly donated her winnings back to Kids’ Chance of Massachusetts, citing the opportunity to support a deserving child’s scholarship as her motivation. Richie and Tracy Sullivan further exemplified the spirit of giving by generously donating a trip to a prestigious golf course in Jupiter, Florida, complete with a week-long stay in a luxury condominium.

The evening was made even more memorable by a heartfelt speech delivered by Amber Moody, a mother of Kids’ Chance of MA scholarship recipients who tragically lost her husband in a workplace accident. Amber’s emotional recounting of the impact that Kids’ Chance of Massachusetts had on her family moved attendees to tears, underscoring the profound significance of the organization’s mission.

We couldn’t have made this happen without our Jackpot Sponsor: Ametros; Club Sponsors: Best in Class MD and Eden Rafferty; Casino Sponsors: Pugini & Norton, LLP and ExamWorks Compliance Solutions; Decadence Sponsors: MyMatrixx and Dane Street and our High Roller Sponsors: Wagner Rehab, J29, Gennari Consulting, Ramsey Law Offices, Teri A. McHugh, PLLC, Paradigm, Loughran & Corbett, TKCK Law, and the Law Office of Martin B. Schnieder.

A very special thanks for the music, which was provided by the amazing DJ Mike Walsh and to Nick Sands who documented the evening’s event as our videographer.

As the gala drew to a close, congratulations echoed throughout the room for the winners of prizes and auction items, setting the stage for an even grander event in 2025. Reflecting on the evening with pride and gratitude, Kids’ Chance of Massachusetts eagerly anticipates future endeavors, including upcoming events such as a bowling night and the annual golf tournament scheduled for Monday, July 22nd. For more information on how you can become involved in making a difference in the life of a Kids’ Chance of MA child, or for upcoming events, please visit: